All About My New Partnership with VanGrow!

Edmonton doula
A photo of “the Doula Duo” – aka me and my new partner, Vanessa!

So I have to apologize peeps, I’ve been off of my blog pretty well the entire summer! There’s been a lot changing in the realm of Dancing Doula that I wanted to update you on finally, and maybe this will explain my crazy hiatus over a few months (while also factoring in chasing around two crazy toddlers of course 😝). First, I’m in the midst of starting up a VERY exciting local non-profit society. I can’t give you any more details at this time to avoid drawing attention away from our big reveal, but be sure to stay tuned on my social pages for an announcement in the next month 🤗. Second, summer was pleasantly full with a variety of births that I learned a ton from, so I’m really excited to start posting again about some of these things and hopefully educate some of you on some things you didn’t already know. Third, and the BIGGEST news of all… I’m officially moving from a solo doula to a shared-care doula and partnering up with my wonderful friend Vanessa!

So for those of you who have never hired an Edmonton doula or don’t know the common structures of doulas in Edmonton and how we run our practices, this is a big change. I’ve only ever taken on clients as an Edmonton doula on my own – something that allowed me to always call the shots but also made it incredibly difficult over the years to juggle working and being a stay-at-home parent with a hubby who works away. With V heading back to school, we both decided that pooling our resources and working as a team was the best option to make our lives more manageable.

So what is shared-care? Let me fill you in! In a shared-care setting, you will hire a team of two Edmonton doulas to support you during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Many Edmonton doulas structure this differently, but what V and I have chosen to do is to share the prenatal load (private visits, the group class, text and phone support, emails, etc) and then work an on call/off call schedule that works around our limitations with time. When our client goes into labour, they will get the doula who is set to be on call that day. Long births would warrant us to swap out for the other so that you’ll always have the support of a well-rested and we’ll-functioning doula. After the birth, the doula who attended will do the postpartum visit.

Its a simple concept really, but I’ve already noticed how much of an advantage our clients have when getting two Edmonton doulas. V and I have similar energies and philosophies, but our experience with birthing babies ourselves and our particular interests are very different. So when you ask a question, you’ll get different perspectives but the same evidence based information following. This really enhances your ability to make an informed decision – knowing that the intuition has been challenged by hearing information in a multitude of narratives. Another bonus is that our response rate to clients has increased with two people being available to answer non-urgent questions.

Im really excited for what the future holds for Vanessa and I! If you’re looking to hire a doula in Edmonton be sure to send me a message about what we as a team can offer you. We are in the process of working on a site page to outline ourselves and our partnership in more detail, but for now you can see Vanessa’s profile on the Full Circle Birth Collective website.

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