Natural Induction Methods: Let’s Examine the Evidence

This is a wonderful get post by Neve Spicer, researcher and editor at If you’re reaching that 40th week of pregnancy and waiting in eager anticipation, you’re not alone. It’s not always the most comfortable state of being – quarters can get a little tight during the last leg of your baby’s nine monthContinue reading “Natural Induction Methods: Let’s Examine the Evidence”

Should you continuously monitor your baby during labour?

When a person goes into the hospital in labour, one of the first things that the staff of the hospital will do is strap two little disks on the persons tummy. This is what we call Electronic Fetal Monitoring, or EFM. These little disks are meant to detect the baby’s heart rate and when theContinue reading “Should you continuously monitor your baby during labour?”

All About My New Partnership with VanGrow!

So I have to apologize peeps, I’ve been off of my blog pretty well the entire summer! There’s been a lot changing in the realm of Dancing Doula that I wanted to update you on finally, and maybe this will explain my crazy hiatus over a few months (while also factoring in chasing around twoContinue reading “All About My New Partnership with VanGrow!”

What is Peer Review and why all Doulas need it!

There’s no way around it — doula work can be isolating.  The fact that any independent birth worker is a small business owner provides a lot of huge benefits to that person in so many ways. It can be exciting and empowering to own your own company, be your own boss, have ultimate power onContinue reading “What is Peer Review and why all Doulas need it!”

The Hormonal Come-Down After Attending a Birth

After about an 8 week hiatus from attending births, I got to witness an incredible mama give birth this past weekend. Now as an Edmonton doula that’s witnessed many births, I’ve gotten used to the weird hours, the various bodily fluids and seeing women be incredibly primitive (to learn a bit more about what theContinue reading “The Hormonal Come-Down After Attending a Birth”